Just read, no quiz?

I was wondering if it was possible to use anki decks in the following way:
-No quiz. Just the phrase in the target language, plus the phrase in english under it ?
-Disable repetition. All I want to do is read the whole deck in order, and never read the same card twice.
-I would also like to be able to jump ahead if I feel the deck is too easy in the beginning. Is this possible without having to edit the deck on my desktop ?

Regarding the first point, I would be happy to just tap “next”. As long as I don’t have to pick a choice between “easy/hard/etc.” I just want to read the whole deck with minimum interactions. Maybe there is an app that does just that.

Anki wasn’t designed for that, and maybe you are looking for a more traditional quizz app, but Browse > Preview cards may work for you.


Is it possible to use the preview mode on android ?

is it possible to import an anki deck into another type of app ?

Sorry, I didn’t realized this was posted in the mobile sub-forum. I’m not sure, but I don’t think you can preview cards in Android sequentially, the way you can with the desktop version.

On the other hand, Anki can export decks to standard txt files, so it’s easy to import them (for example) in any spreadsheet program, and from there do the operations you need to do to be able to import your data into another program.

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