Joyo kanji deck available

G’day all,

I am creating this post as a point of contact and support for my joyo kanji deck “Readings of jōyō (joyo) kanji 常用漢字読み方”. This is a pretty hardcore deck and one that I am having to tweak the options on myself not to be overwhelmed. It is not for everyone and is intended for people who already have a good japanese vocabulary:

I previously just had the onyomi and kunyomi readings on the same card and cut off the okurigana. I have just updated the deck to split out okurigana readings onto separate cards, and although this substantially increases the number I’m thinking this will make lookup of related words easier, and also ease memorisation.

Personally I use this deck on my mobile with android text to speech. Each kanji can also be clicked to look up the its definition on jisho.

I created a small java program to convert from the wikipedia table format into a form suitable for import by anki: