Jo Mako's Shared Deck

I finished the deck for Little Witch Academia. The link for the old one didn’t work anyway. So the new one also has english subs.
You can find the link on the spreadsheet.

Thank you but Yoga is actually a professional, and I have no idea how he does what he does. I’m pretty sure there’s nothing that I do that he doesn’t know how to do already.
I used other decks and template that I changed just a bit to get what I needed and used for almost eveything.

Well if you manage to make decks while on mac, don’t hesitate to share with the community.

I’ve created a tutorial on how to make decks, maybe it will help you if you’re not used to it.

See this video for using the frequency list.


Sorry for the belated response. Thank you so much again for your help and for sharing those resources! I am very appreciative.

Hi Jo-Mako, your decks are truly awesome. I really appreciate your work!

Unfortunately I couldn’t find out how, to get the cards in RTK order? I have already installed the add-on necessary to do so and tried everything I can think of but I cannot get it in the right order… Sorry for this newbie question and I would really appreciate your help!

Best regards, Laura

No Laura, you’re awsome!

I was looking for an excuse to make a tutorial on this, so click here.
As you can see, it takes less one minute.

Here’s the text anyway:

  1. Go to Tools - Manage Note Types (Ctrl + Shift +N).
  2. Select the Kanji note type, click on the field button.
  3. Choose the field you want to use to reorganize your cards (RTK, KKLC …).
  4. In the options below, select “Sort by this field in the browser”.
  5. Close the windows, press B to open the browser.
  6. On the left panel, select the kanji deck.
  7. Select all the cards (Ctrl + A).
  8. On the top bar, select Cards, Reposition (Ctrl + Shift + S), select Ok.
    Note: Repostion will keep your progress. Reschedule will not.

In the video I used an update of a Kanji deck, it’s uploaded yet, because I want to polish some things, correct errors and stuff.
Here’s the link.
If you already started on the deck from ankiweb, you’ll have have to change the card style to keep your progress, which might be tedious because there’s a lot of fields.

If you still have issues, let me know.


Hello Jo-Mako,

Thank you very much for your work ! It is incredible.
I was about to report a formatting bug but I deleted it as soon as I found why it wasn’t working (MIA Editor add-on)

Have a nice day,

Hi Jo-Mako, thanks for the great decks.

I have found a typo in the Dragon Quest I want to report, the wrong kanji is used:

Thanks ! I’ll fix the typo and update.

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Found another small typo, but took me sometime before I figured out what it exactly meant…

Do you manually type out all these cards or do you use some OCR to extract the text?

Thanks it’s corrected as well.
I’ll reupdate the deck once I’m finished building my website so I can put the link in the description page.
If you find anymore do let me know.

A bit of both. The major part was a transcript on the web, but a lot were “kanjified” or “dekanjified” because based on the NES version with no kanji. So I used different sources to gather missing text from one website on the other. If I didn’t have a transcript at all, I used ocr. I then checked the each card, but as you can see, there are typos that I missed.

I’m working from text dump instead of transcript now to avoid these issues. That’s why I didn’t release Dragon Quest 2, even though I finished the game and took all the screenshots for it.
I could maybe use the switch versions, but I’m sure the text changed some more here and there.

Thanks for letting me know.

Wow, thanks for putting so much effort into these. it’s really appreciated.
I’m looking forward to Dragon Quest 2.

I found a couple of other typos:

And quite a few cards with missing translation (there might be more but I might have not noticed):

Thanks I corrected the typos.

As for the cards with translations, it’ simple. The SNES version is a compilation of 1&2 and was never released outside Japan.
So I used a english script from the NES version, but not all lines matches, because the dialogue was a bit revised.
When I found no english counter part, I chose to leave the field blank instead of translating myself and make errors.
The first DQ was very linear, so I could use the NES version, but it’s not the case with DQ2, so I won’t the deck isn’t planned for now, as there are better games with better sources I’d rather focus on.

Hotarubino deck the sentence dosnt match up

お前 俺のことを何だと思ってるんだ is not
Amazing! Incredible! Fantastic!

Thanks, corrected.

Hello, new user of the deck here and just downloaded the latest update. First of all, I just wanna say how well all of this was made and I REALLY love it. I can’t thank you enough!!

However I’m also having font issues, but only for the production part. I first encountered this problem when writing 曜 and was surprised that it was asking for slightly different strokes. It basically makes the horizontal lines of the right side radicals detached to the vertical lines, whereas in the Japanese font of 曜 it’s all connected.

I attached what it looks like in the 3 diff card types:

Maybe it’s just in the Japanese font STYLING since it has the same problem with 篤, and the water radical for 海, but NOT in 画 and 置 (which looks completely different from their Chinese counterparts).

I have the MS PMincho font:

As a beginner I just wanna know if the discrepancies in writing 曜, 篤, and 海 are negligible and just basically a stylistic choice.

Thanks in advance!!

Thank you, you’re right, some kanji were displayed in their chinese form.
It’s been fixed, but you need to download the deck again.
You’re using an old version.

Hello! In the recognition card for 面, the vocab 正面 was mistranslated to amusing/interesting. It got mixed up with 面白い, I guess.

Thank you, corrected.


Maybe I’m misunderstanding but the Memrise and Production cards aren’t coming up in general study should I be doing them manually using the subdeck?

Or will they eventually mix through on their own once I get further as I’m only about 80 cards through currently.


Your studies is based on decks but also subdecks. So if you click on Kanji to study, you’d have to finish all the recognition cards to get the memrise cards mixed in.
If you want to mix them up, use the browser and move all the cards in the kanji deck, delete all the subdecks.