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Hi,your kanji deck is great,but there’s an issue,since you’re using the arial font (that doesn’t support japanese) some of the characters are shown in their chinese hanzi versions instead of their japanese versions,you can easily see this in the “sea” character even the stroke gif shows the correct version while the front of the card shows the chinese version.

I tried changing it myself to yu mincho but I have no luck,could you please update your deck to fix this? It’s probably the best kanji deck out there.

You’re absolutely right. I downloaded the top kanji decks to check and they have the same problem. I changed the font to MS PMincho, since that’s what I used in my other decks.

There were a lot fields to change, and you can’t change the look-alike tab because it’s all written in html before import.

Anyway, I made all the corrections, and uploaded the deck again.

All good now.

Thanks for pointing it out. I’ll add the production and other card templates within the week.

The audio on the Silent Voice deck doesn’t work for me for some reason. Also how do I change it so that the audio plays automatically? (I’m not very good with code.) Also thanks for taking the time to create the decks. It’s one of the best subs2srs decks I’ve found!

Hi, and thanks!

Well the audio files are definitely in the deck.

So I’m thinking, you’re using the deck on your phone and maybe you didn’t sync the media files ?
Ah, or maybe by applying MIA (and selecting audio), you erased the audio files ?

The audio should play automatically on the front, but not on the back.
If you want to add it on the back you can add this line:


Let me know how it goes, if I have more information, I can help you more.

Hi! Thanks for replying! Anki was just being weird and now it works. I was going to change my earlier post but I couldn’t find it😅. Thanks again!

No problem, I’m just glad the problem is resolved.

Hey Jo-Mako, appreciate the work you’ve done. I seem to have an issue though with the back template of the cards… the formatting seems to have an issue. I attached a screenshot of what I am seeing.

I also seem to have an issue with the pop-up dictionary, the box is faded an hard to read for some reason. Image attached below.

I would appreciate any help on how to correct these.

Hey Finsker,

Thank you words the kinds words, and screenshots, that helps.
Its’ bit hard to tell from afar, but I’ll at least try to send you in the right direction.

  1. I’m not sure. First guess is that it’s not a template issue, but a field one. Try to edit the card, and in the MIA field, since it’s what you’re using, press Maj-Control-X. It will you show you the html editor for the field. You should only have the text, and no html.

If you do have html, delete it. Should fix the problem.
However you’re telling me it’s on all the cards.

So, maybe you exported and reimported the deck, but without checking the box “Allow HTML in fields”:

Or copy / pasted the line and pasted the format with the line. That’s why every line starts with div style …

In any case, try creating a new profile, redownload the deck, you shouldn’t have any problem. Reapply MIA, and check the card every step of the way to see at which one it goes wrong.
You can also send me a screenshot of the back card template and MIA Japanese settings.

Final point is displays what’s in the Expression field, by default. So if you didn’t change that, then the problem comes from what it’s that field, but it shouldn’t be modified, because what’s displayed on the back is the reading field.

  1. Go to your collection media folder: (for windows 10)
    That’s where you have all the pictures and sounds, including the two javascripts file for the kanjis.
    Find them and delete them.
    Download them again from here:
    Or you can download my kanji deck, even if you don’t use it, it will put the gif files for the animated strokes:
    Either they should be updated.

If you still have problem with the formatting, open the kanjax one with the note pad and go to this section:

That’s where you can modify the colors.

Let me know.

Thanks for the quick response. I found that the formatting issue is with the MIA Editor add-on. Disabling MIA Editor add-on seems to fix the formatting issue.

MIA Editor Enabled:

MIA Editor Disabled:

The pop-up dictionary box is still faded and hard to read. Should I go to the Kanjax file to fix this?

Ah right, I forgot about that.
I did try the add-on a long time ago and realized it broke things.
This one works just fine for me.

Yes, you have to have to the kanjax file. But I’m not the one who wrote it. I just modified a few things here and there, so I can’t tell you where to aim exactly more than I already did.
It’s written in css and html just like Anki. Just look for “color” and change the numbers that comes after. Usually written in hexadecimal. Save the file (don’t need to close it). Click outside the pop up windown to close it and click on the kanji to see the changes. No need to start anki everytime you change something in the javascript file.

FYI, I use the night mode on Anki, the colours change if you don’t, so maybe start with that. But you can set any colour you like. You just need to know a bit about css to understand which line does what.

Okay. I switched Anki to night mode and it fixed the coloring for the pop-up dictionary. I didn’t know Anki had a night mode, so that works for me. Thanks for all of the help!

My pleasure.

The back template for the Vocabulary - Kanji Order deck has an error. It uses a {{jlpt}} field but the field is actually {{JLPT}}

Thank you for your wonderful decks!

Thank you for pointing it out.

I’ve changed the kanji deck this I posted this one, so I need to update it as well.
I’m trying to figure out how to make this vocabulary deck better.
Probably with native sentences.

I was wondering if you can tell me how to implement to any deck, it’s the feature that made me fall in love with the decks you created

Sure thing.

< embed src=“{{Expression}}” style="width: 100%; height:auto; min-height: 500px; “>”

You can replace it for anything.

    You can replace this address by the one of your choice.
    What’s after q= is the sentence or word you’re looking for when using the webpage, to make it automatic, I put {{Expression}} after it.
    So I’m quering the sentence in the Expression field automatically with every card.

  • What’s after “style” is to make sure the window to display the webpage is big enough. You can change those depending on what you need.

Let’s say I’m looking for test on The adress is like this:
so: " < embed src=“{{Expression}}” style="width: 100%; height:auto; min-height: 500px; “>”

You can replace {{Expression}} by the field of your choice of course.

Hope it’s clear.

Ps: I add to put a space before embed, otherwise it wouldn’t not display, but the code is in the card tempate.

Hi Jo-Mako, your decks are truly awesome. I really appreciate your highly amazing subs2srs decks and I am going to work my way through all of them. However, I am just wondering if you have one already for Little Witch Academia as it is(a show I am really enjoying and want to learn more from. I found a full subs2srs for it on somebody’s mediafire server, but the timings are slightly off, and it cuts first 1s at the start of each sentence, and plays the 1st second from the next sentence. Was only mildly annoying at first but it’s making listening practice hard when I lose the context from the first word(s). Naturally I am a Mac user and therefore do not have subs2srs! Anyway if not, you have generously provided an enormous amount of content that will probably take me years to get through!

Hi Rizzo,
Thank you for the kinds words.

Decks based on shows are too big to be posted on Anki web, so I posted them on the same mediafire server than you used.
When I do, I didn’t check every card like I do for movies, games or manga, as it would takes too loog.
Most deck I made is posted either on my ankiweb profile.
By the way, I made a spreadsheet to reorganize all the decks on the server, because ctrl+f to look for a deck doesn’t work on the original page.
Everything I do is in there.

Sub2srs depends on subs. If they’re slighty off when watching it’s not really a problem, but when making cards, it needs to be really precise.
So either people find a good match or you end up whith the one you have. Most people delete the bad cards, and move one to the next one.
I don’t know how many are bad though.
There’s so many decks, and cards that can be used, that in this case, quantity ends up being more important than quality I think.
You can learn the same words from another source, even if it’s not your favourite show.

As for making another deck myself, I’ll look into it, if I can find a video that matches the subs, I will, if not, I won’t take the time to resync subtitles for every episode.
Check the spreadsheet, if it’s not there by the end of the week, that means I didn’t have a better source.

Check out the migaku browser extension. I haven’t tried it, but it should become public at some point, and you should be able to make cards just like sub2srs even on a mac.

Thanks for your response! You are right, quantity is better than quality, and I can see the power of using a large sentence bank both as a source of example sentences but also as a bank of 1T sentences with Morphman and a frequency list (which is on my to-do list to install and learn how to use). And yes the sentences have to be very precisely timed to the audio to make the most useful and pleasant to listen to flashcards. That said, it won’t be too long before I can understand so much that it won’t matter as much, and when a big chunk of my immersion becomes reading it’ll be even easier. I’m being too much of a perfectionist about this and should apply the Pareto principle.

I did hear about Migaku which I understand is Yoga’s venture since he split from MvJ. He is obviously the mastermind behind MIA’s coding (though I should say you are clearly also a talented coder). I am very excited to see what stuff Yoga starts producing. You should join forces with him.

While I was waiting to hear back from you, my googling led me to another very talented programmer who has published a beta version of a multi platform app called Knowclip. It seems to do what I understand subs2srs does, and with it I was able to convert some mv4 and matching srt files to anki decks. I had to learn how to use VLC and subtitle tools to resync the subtitle timing, but with a bit of tweaking I managed to do it! So now I think I can probably make my own decks once I find suitable files for Little Witch Academia. In the back of my head is Matt vs Japan’s voice saying ‘the time you spend preparing resources could have been better spent immersing’… but anyway I’ve found a method now. And furthermore I remembered that you can run windows on a Mac with various software, so if all these methods fail I will either do that - or simply use your decks, or find decks that work for me.

It is so heartwarming to see the passion and generosity of the Japanese language learning community. Thanks again for sharing your hard work for the benefit of others.
Cheers Rizzo