Japanese story deck

I have a bunch of short stories that I am using to help with learning Japanese.

Each story is saved in a deck.
The deck has to be created in order and I use a numerical order field for browsing.
The cards organised front and back with english front and english and japanese back
The cards use the Japanese support addon to provide furigana (this is an excellent add on, I had originally created a separate field for furigana and it was tedious, this add on makes life easier)
A speaker field is used to indicate m male or f female speaker and there is a javascript in the card that displays the appropriate male or female avatar
Each card can have mp3 associated. languagegirl utube Quickly Create Audio for your Anki Cards - YouTube showed me how to split large files into sound bites. Works a treat with audacity
This story deck only works correctly as a Filtered Deck otherwise Anki tends to randomise the order of the story which is NOT what I want.
I use the add on big buttons which I hacked a bit
I only use the Again button rather than the Good Button as I don’t want the card order changed.

I got the method for the using the anki field in a script from reddit, link is in the card html

Things I would like to change:
Auto generate the order sequence as a new card is added *** DONE ***
Auto generate the audio link as a ne card is added *** DONE ***
Be able to save the status of the whole deck as good or bad or easy.

This is the Back Template the Front Template is the same with the furigana:Reading field left out

<!- use span id to get the value of the anki field  
https://www.reddit.com/r/Anki/comments/3zfspm/javascript_in_anki/ -->
<div class='left-me'>
<font size=2>  

<span id="ss">{{speaker}}</span>  
<span id="s2"></span>

<font size=5 >  

<table style="width:100%">
<tr><td width=100><p id="face"></p>

<td >{{edit::english}} </td>

<tr><td>&nbsp</td><td>{{edit::furigana:Reading}} </td></tr>

var speaker = document.getElementById("ss").innerHTML;
speaker = speaker.substring(0,1);

if (speaker  == "f")
	 	document.getElementById("face").innerHTML = '<img src= female.png   style= width:50px;height:75px > '
if (speaker == "m")
	document.getElementById("face").innerHTML = '<img src= male.png style= width:50px;height:75px > '


.card {
 font-family: arial;
 font-size: 40px;
 color: black;
 text-align: left ;
 background-color: white;

.center-me {

    text-align: center ;
    bottom: 0;
    left: 0;
    right: 0;
.left-me {

    text-align: left ;
    color: grey; 
    bottom: 0;
    left: 0;
    right: 0;

the stories are created in word and then copied across to anki , anki generates the furigana using the Japanese add on

Seems like a great project. But you mean to use the anki schedule also for the lecture? So I would have to read each page several times and answer correctly?

The way I currently use it is:
Create a FD so that the deck is in order


for each card
write (pencil and paper) the japanese translation of my Janglish sentence
advance with again ( that way cards won’t be individually graded and removed)

after I’m done
grade my attempt
(currently i grade out of 20, each mistake costs me one point,
poor penmanship is not considered in the grading)

at this point I would want to record Hard Good Easy or a score

my mistakes get added to an pencilled error list - it would be nice if I had a really quick way to chuck the mistakes into a new deck - i have each of the words for these stories in decks so I might try using tags - i.e. tag those words (phrases) that are an issue and then study then test myself on the tagged items before retrying the story

ultimately I would want to be able to write the story with no errors , just using my Janglish as the prompts

Wow its pretty interesting the way you are using anki! with the cards at the end do you get a lot of cards created? I created a deck for advance german structures and verbs and I got over 3000 cards and after a few months studying them I have to spent too much time of the day on it , so for the future I will have to learn minimize my decks.

I am retired so have heaps of time, I have spent a lot of time trying to work out how I would like to do it and save time.
My memory for new words is like a sieve, so I am just taking my time.
I did several units of Japanese at University 25 years ago, I was abysmal then, I am not much better now. So my current plan is to memorize my 200 kanji and several hundred more words get to be 90% on those and then move forward.
Seems every time I learn a new word, it pushes two old ones out.

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Yeah I think even if it seems you may have forgotten or can´t recall at the time, it stays somewhere in your mind, so if you hear it on tv or anywhere I may do an unexpected conection. Sounds like a good plan!

I have now have a modified add-on that creates a Filtered deck of my story cards one deck at a time


select a deck by left click 
   i.e   Japanese::story::storyNN_name_of_story  
select Mytools > Batch create filtered deck 
   creates  fd - storyNN_name_of_story
   All cards, oldest seen first, no reschedule