It is opening for sooo long (Windows 10)

Hello guys,
I have just installed my Anki, but have some issues (Windows 10). It is opening for so long (about 10 minutes). I have preloader on my arrow coursor all the time, but nothing happening for minutes. What is wrong?

This is not normal. Do other programs run normally? My first thought was to ask you to check add-ons, but you said you just installed Anki. But if this is not your first time using Anki, maybe there are add-ons lying around in Anki’s data folder that causing the issue. You can check that by holding shift while opening Anki to disable add-ons temporarily. See When problems occur - Frequently Asked Questions

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thank you for your advice. As you mentioned, I have no any add-ons yet. I was trying different setup (for example I changed driver for OpenGL) but it didn’t help. The most improve I get after run the app as an administrator. It helped a lot (still not perfect, but it is ok for now).

Two possible reasons I can think of: antivirus software on your machine slowing things down, or not having enough free memory available.

It is not about lack of memory (32 GB RAM + 122 GB free space on SSD system disk).

Such a system should be able to open Anki in seconds, not minutes, and my best guess is it’s caused by something else running on your machine such as antivirus, a proxy, etc.

It takes about 5 seconds to open Anki for now. So I think it’s acceptable. Of course I had to tweak some settings to get the result.