Issue with filtered decks

hi there!
maybe the issue is that I didn’t quite understand what it meant or what the intended purpose of filtered decks was, but I have a bit of an issue I’m hoping to get some help with.
I am using the MilesDownMCAT deck which is sorted by chapters and each card is tagged. I used the tags to make filtered decks from the chapters themselves so that instead of doing all of chapter 3 for example I just focused on one topic from it , let’s call it sound. So I made all the cards tagged as sound into a filtered deck. that deck is great, it has all the sound cards. but now, the cards don’t have any learning intervals, they don’t repeat, its just 0,0,0 and says “you have finished this deck”. is there a way to get these cards to act like normal cards and have normal learning steps so that I can do daily reviews, etc of them?

Thank you!!

Do you have “Reschedule cards based on…” ticked? Filtered Decks - Anki Manual

Is the filter you’re using just deck:whatever tag:sound? If you’re planning on using it on an ongoing basis to learn and review this tag/chapter, you might want something more refined for your filter. (Please disregard if you’ve already handled this.)

Thank you for replying !! :slight_smile:

  1. I hadn’t seen this before. I went to the link, where would I add in this code in anki?
  2. yes it is - so if I wanted to use these decks long term to just study these subsections is there not a way to do that? as in, making these filtered sundecks is only helpful in the short term to use once? that’s the issue im having, I made the deck, did the cards and now they just show as done
  3. should I un check off " Reschedule cards based on my answers in this deck" it looks to be auto checked when making a filtered deck

edit: the link you provided says to do this (search: is:due prop:due>-7). it looks like that however, is just making a new filtered deck of the overdue cards from the already filtered deck … is that right? in which case, it seems like there might not be a way to just have the filtered deck cards mature where they are? (see zero tallied for learn and due screenshot below

Sorry if I caused confusion. There are a number of sections on that page, but it is in-general about filtered/custom decks. “Catching up” is a way of dealing with a backlog of cards, but I wasn’t suggesting that to you, because that’s not what you’re looking for.

Sure, you can use filtered decks long-term – or probably repeatedly is a better way to think of it – to mimic the way a “regular” deck behaves. But I’m not sure you need to. The purpose of a filtered/custom deck is to study things outside of the regular study cycle, or study things that would be hard to study together otherwise. Your screenshot makes it look like “sound” isn’t just a tag, it’s also a subdeck.

If that subdeck has all the “sound”-tagged cards/notes in it, you can just study them there. Click on that specific subdeck to study the cards that are Due for that subject, and introduce New cards into the learning steps for that subject. If I’m mistaking the situation, let me know.

I don’t know what your search filter was before, but if you already had reschedule-based-on turned on, then I think you were asking a different question here. Perhaps you were asking why the cards were disappearing after you studied them?

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