Is there a way to change the review options for new "again" cards?

I want new cards to have a default set of review-delay options, but for those options to change if hit “again” on that card, similar to how the review-delay options change if a “learned” card is lapses and goes into “relearning”.

Something like:

Default new cards scheduling options:

  • Again - 4 minutes
  • Hard - 15 minutes
  • Good - 12 days
  • Easy - 2.5 months

But, if when I’m reviewing, I hit “again”, once, it changes those options to…

  • Again 4 minutes
  • Hard - 15 minutes
  • Good - 1 day
  • Easy - 4 days

My workflow involves new cards trickling in gradually from my reading. Often times a new card will show up from some book chapter that I read several weeks, or even months, ago. But my recollection is pretty good, and often I’ll correctly remember the answer to the card, even not having reviewed the material since I made the card months ago. So it’s appropriate to have a 2.5 month review option on a new card.

On the other hand, sometimes I’ll look at a new card and I won’t remember the content, and in that case, I want to to default to something like a more typical review schedule. If I didn’t answer the card correctly on the first try, then I don’t want to have a “2.5 months in the future” option. In that case, the maximum review interval shouldn’t be much more than 4 days.

Is there a way that I can set something like this?

No, what you’re specifically asking for isn’t possible. All New/Learn cards use the same learning steps (and the specific step-lengths you are asking for can’t be controlled quite so completely).

However if we know which algorithm you’re using, it may be possible to move you a bit in that direction. Are you using the default SM-2 algorithm, or the FSRS algorithm? [If you don’t know – it’s SM-2.] Progress through the learning steps happens pretty much the same way regardless – Studying - Anki Manual – the algorithm determines what happens after that.

It seems like the distinction you’re talking about is really the difference between –

  • a card that skips the Learn stage and graduates immediately to Review – because you grade it Easy
  • a card that needs to spend some time in Learn before it’s ready to graduate to Review – graded Again or Hard a few times before it advances through the steps with enough Good grades