Is there a way to bypass the cloze in non-cloze field warning?

I’ve put text that looks like a cloze deletion into a non-cloze field. when I try to submit the card I get this warning:

I know it won’t produce a cloze, I want it to be that literal text. this used to work before I updated. is there a way to bypass this dialog?

pressing “ok” take me back to the editor. what I want is an “I know” button or something that will enter the card (it has other valid clozes elsewhere).

There is no way to disable this check. But why do you want to put something like “{{c1::}}” into a field, if not to produce a cloze?

does it particularly matter? I occasionally want to do this, and I used to be able to. I guess for the time being I’ll edit those cards on ankiweb, where this is still permissible.

does it particularly matter?

When we ask you, why you want to do it, we don’t want to correct your behavior (“Why would you want to do that anyway?”), but rather we want to understand your use case, so we can be aware of it in the future, and maybe provide a workaround for now :slight_smile: