Is there a Testing mode

As a professor I want to create a deck or many but I need to test the cards in actiion, not in just an edit mode, without being restricted by any intervals or other options. I just need to go through all of the cards in a simulated non-restricted run to test them and how they will work. Is there a way to do this?


In the deck browser there is a “Preview” button that opens a new window showing the currently selected card just like it would show during review.

You can either skip through the notes by using the arrow buttons on the bottom of that window, or you can keep the focus on your card browser and use the arrow keys to navigate the notes one by one.

I usually occupy a part of my screen with the preview window and the rest with the browser if I need to quickly go through my notes to check for errors.


Using the Browse–>Preview has big drawback: A card can not be edited on the fly.

A better choice is ‘‘Custom deck’’ ( without Scheduling ).
The add-on "Edit Field During Review " will allow you to edit any Field, including “Tag”.

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Actually, it can be edited in the browser while previewing. I don’t see the drawback here :thinking:
Maye because I’m so used to this addon already, which allows for a nice vertical layout of the browser editor.

Editing fields during review only seems practical for very basic note types without much JavaScript and styling, but nice if it works for you ^^

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