Change deck while reviewing / Delete card or note in preview screen

Would it be possible to add the option to change the deck of either the card being reviewed or the entire associated note during review? I typically filter cards created from subs2srs output by ‘reviewing’ them and deleting the ones I don’t want to keep, and I would like to be able to immediately move the card or note to the relevant (sub-)deck without having to leave the review screen.

Alternatively (or additionally), if it were possible to delete a card or its associated note in the preview screen, that would accomplish the same purpose.

You can quickly open the browser and do that, as the browser opens with the reviewed card selected. I believe most users don’t usually move cards that often when reviewing to warrant adding such an option in the reviewing screen.

When you open the previewer and move between cards, the browser selects the currently previewed card automatically. You can keep the two screens side-by-side and perform operations on the card quickly.


Thank you very much for your suggestions, but I was already aware of both of those possibilities.

The notes I’m filtering are designed to test both my reading and listening skills (one card type each), but I filter them based on whether I have difficulty understanding the speech in the recording. If I do, I keep the listening card (I then decide whether to keep the reading card based on my familiarity with the vocabulary), otherwise I delete the entire note. The issue is therefore that keeping the browser open (your second suggestion) lets me see the transcription before I listen, which naturally affects the accuracy of my judgement. Your first suggestion is just more laborious than I’d like, since I often end up keeping a large number of cards. I suppose that my situation is too particular to require significant UI changes, though.

I’ve come up with an indirect solution though: I suspend the cards I want to keep (this allows me to stay in the review screen), move all the suspended cards in bulk to the relevant deck (once I’ve gone through all the cards in review mode) and then unsuspend them.