Change "note type" during review?

It would be better if there is a way to change ‘note type’ I’m currently reviewing or editing in the edit window without opening the browse, search for the note, then change note type.
Is there already a way to do that?

Personally I don’t think this is a very common operation to warrant adding to the review screen. The browser already opens with the current card selected (unless if the query set in the preferences doesn’t match the card).

What do I enter in Preferences to enable this behavior?

I tend to change the note type quite often, when I find during review that I need better mnemonics, more context, examples etc. Which is why I like the original suggestion very much, actually.

It’s the default behavior. The only thing you can do in Preferences is override it. If you set “Default search text” (Preferences - Anki Manual), that will take precedence when Browse opens. So you’ll only see the currently-studied card if it’s within the scope of that search text.

Thanks. Now I remember, I changed this default right in the beginning when I checked out Anki for the first time. Because I very rarely search the current deck when I am in the browser.

You are right, deck:current will indeed highlight the reviewed card. But only when deck:current is made the default in Preferences. Switching to it from another search will NOT jump to the card that is currently being reviewed.

Just like @yfjuu6, I would also welcome a way to change the note type outside the browser. Maybe this option could be added to the EDIT-dialog, to the left of Fields… and Cards…