Changing note type glitch

  1. While reviewing, click B
  2. The card’s note ID is searched and it shows in the browser as the only search result
  3. Press Ctrl+Shift+M (change note type)
  4. Press Ctrl+N (to choose card type)
  5. Pick any type other than the current type
  6. Confirm with enter twice

In the top part of the image, the browser correctly shows the card I wanted to edit

Middle part of the image: let’s pick a different note type for this note then! Should be no problem, right?

Bottom part of the image: After changing the note type, the Browser mysteriously picks and shows a completely different note, although the original note HAS been edited

The browser screen should, at least in my case, flash for a second and show a completely different card than the one I was changing. (–> this does not mean a different card was edited though, it’s just the result of the Browser editing the card and then switching to show a different one!)

Interestingly, it seems that the new card shown by the browser always shares the new type with the card we were editing.

Can anyone reproduce this issue? Or am I the only one that has this?


Are you able to reproduce the problem using Anki 2.1.28?

I tested it once again on .29 and it still happens.

Thank you, added to the todo list to look into.

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This can be reproduced in 2.1.33.
I think it happens because Reviewer.nextCard is called multiple times in the process of changing the note type mainly through, which is, in turn, triggered somehow by mw.reset. Then there are also multiple calls to that ultimately changes the displayed note.