Delete or change default preference settings?

So I created some personalized preferences for my Anki decks. However, everytime I create a new deck it automatically puts the default settings rather than my current one.

Is it possible to change the default preferences so all my new decks come with the preferences of my choice?

Please see the Deck Options section of the manual for settings that can be customized by deck.

New decks start with the default deck options group, so changing the settings of that group will affect all new decks.

At first, your request seemed to come from the misunderstanding…
After /dae comment, mentioning "Default’ deck, i made some tests…
Alas, for 7years i have been dismissing an occasional mis-firing in this basic function.
It seems to me the ‘Add’ option should be simplified.

When adding from Main menu

  • Choice-1 ‘’ … default to current deck’’: ( what is ‘a current’ deck if i am on Main menu ?)
  • the last used deck is chosen; and
  • a Last used Note Type was shown.
  • Choice-2: ‘‘Change deck depending on Note Type’’:
    • "Default deck’’ was chosen; and
    • a last used Note Type was chosen.

Why not say that "Default deck’’ will be shown ?

  • When adding a Note after a deck is selected,
    a menu should show a list of Note Types used with the deck selected.

It seems the "Add’ button , on main window, should be removed?

What do you think?

You always have a current deck. It’s (subtly) highlighted in the deck tree.

It depends on the note type. If your Add menu was set to Default deck, it’s because you had set a note type associated with that deck. (Not sure what association means here exactly, though).

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There’s a setting in the preferences that controls whether to default to the current deck, or the last used deck for a given notetype.

All of us interpreting your post differently, it seems.
Can u make screen shots ?