15 years old issue

Hey Guys!
I have been using anki since forever so I find it hard to believe that this issue has never been fixed or even raised. Really, am I the only one? So I have a lot of decks and notes types. I always create a new note type (style) for each new decks… When adding new cards to decks anki NEVER remember the note type used last time in that exact deck but instead set the last used overall… Why it can’t remember note type?
For example I have decks:
ENGLISH with note type “English style”
FRENCH with note type “French style”
Each time when I want to add cards to decks I have to manually set note type
I want option to link deck with note type so when I decide to add cards to ENGLISH deck it will set note type as English style and so on… Currently after15 years I have to do it manually

there are settings in anki:
-when adding default to current deck
-change deck depending on note type
But there is NO option WHEN ADDING default to current deck and use last note type used in that deck

“when adding default to current deck” should be using the last notetype used to add cards to that deck. If you can reproduce the issue on the latest Anki release, please provide minimum steps to trigger the issue.

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