When adding cards, choose note type according to selected deck

Hi y’all,
to add new cards, I used to select the deck and hit the add button. This way I could be sure to add my cards to the correct deck with the correct note type (IIRC, the note type last used on cards in the corresponding deck).
Now, when I hit the add button, I do get the correct deck, but not the correct note type. (Since I’ve only be adding cards to a single deck for a while now, I cannot say when the behaviour has changed.)
Am I missing an option to restore the old behaviour?

There’s a setting in the preferences screen that should control this behavour.

Yes, there is. I can choose between two options: default to current deck or choose deck according to note type. I tried both.
When selecting ‘according to note type’, I have to manually select both the desired note type and the desired deck.
When selecting ‘current deck’, the behaviour is as described above. (Meanwhile, I did some strange additional observations: Although in the last days I only ever added cards of note type ‘French’ to my ‘French’ deck and although the ‘French’ deck is selected, the cards to be add default to ‘Czech’ note type in ‘French’ deck. Switching back and forth between decks and each time hitting ‘Add’ helps to a certain degree: Selecting the ‘Czech’ deck and hitting ‘Add’ preselects Czech note type and Czech deck for added cards. When I then leave the dialogue box, select my French deck and hit add, French note type and deck are preselected as desired. But when I select a different deck before hitting ‘Add’, the selected deck and French note type are preselected. Seems like a bug.)

When you add a card with a given deck and notetype, if current deck is selected, it should remember the notetype next time you open the add card screen with that current deck. If that’s not happening and you’re on the latest Anki version, maybe an add-on is interfering.