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Card ends up in the wrong deck

Hi! How, by adding a card, and choosing at this time the type of deck, to make sure that the card ends up in this selected deck?

When you add a card, you can choose its deck (not to be confused with its note type):

Yes, that’s what I want and do it.
But I find the created card in another deck, and then I have to change it by pressing Ctrl-D

Yes, I didn’t mean the type of deck, but what you highlighted in cherry red

That’s strange. I would start here:

Probably Cards are being placed in the "Default" deck - Frequently Asked Questions

select the card type you’re having trouble with via the tabs at the top, and ensure Options>Deck Override (More>Deck Override on Anki 2.0) is turned off.

Thanks! It works! But this is not at all obvious.