How to keep the last used deck when opening Add window?

  • I would like to when I open the add window (add-card dialog), I find the last used deck that I added something to it.
    In other words, I want to Anki saves the last used deck in each time I open the Add window.
    I know there is an option in the preferences “Change deck depending on note type,” that saves the last-used deck for each note type and makes the Add window open to the last-used deck when I open the Add window, But I have a problem with this option, because I often use different note types for each deck, That is, when changing the note type, the deck automatically and simultaneously changes with it.
  • Is there a way or Add-ons that saves the last used deck and keep it when I open the Add window in each time and without changing automatically the deck when the note type changes?
    Please help! I appreciate your time and effort. Thanks in advance.

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