Editing during Review

If I edit a card during review by typing “E” or clicking on the edit button at the bottom of the deck, it is guaranteed that I will be placed back to study the same card I just edited?

I tried it a couple of times and it seems to be the case but wasn’t sure it that was random or not.

I’m hoping this is the case since I am building a workflow around reviewing and revising but want to double check before I do.

Some background:
I’m asking since there are times where I want to flag a note that needs to be clarified or potentially changed more than I am ready to while reviewing. Originally I was using flags or marked but I realize for me a better way would be to make a note in a field that I have hidden called Review Notes. Editing the card would allow me to put some quick thoughts in that field. And then have a saved filter that checks for any cards that have review notes in them.

Why do you think it could not be that way?

When I Undo a review I don’t always get the same card. Seems to pick a random next card. I know Undo and Editing isn’t the same, but want to double check before deciding on a review process that works for me.

Not really sure if I’ve understood correctly, but in any case, editing a card shouldn’t have any effect on the scheduler, I’ve never seen anything strange in this sense.

However, if you want to be completely sure, you can always create a temp mini deck with a few temp cards just to test if the scheduler is working as expected.

(Sorry again if I have completely misunderstood your question)

I don’t think I explained it well. (Up late and shouldn’t be writing questions at this hour :slight_smile: )

I want to verify that after editing a card that I am currently reviewing, that is the card that is displayed right after I finish editing and not a different card.

The reason I am tying to verify: if I undo, it doesn’t affect the scheduler but I don’t see the card I just used undo on. Sometimes I do. Sometimes I don’t until after seeing other cards.

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Ok, yes, there are a few actions that will make the card you’re actually reviewing to be changed (sync, for example), which I find rather weird behavior; but I think editing cards works as expected (speaking from memory, I’m not in front of the computer right now, but it should be easy to verify).

I think this is not guaranteed.

See my response here:


This is addressed in 2.1.45 - editing a note will no longer rebuild the queues.