Jump from Edit Card to the full Browser with same card

I often use the E key to go to Edit Card while reviewing, a lot of my New cards tend to be unverified or in progress because I had suspended them for that reason, and finally took them out of suspension recently.

Sometimes I think it would make sense to have a quick key or button to go from the Edit Card screen to the full Browser with an automatic search for that card by cid for those cases when I need some feature from the full browser, such as changing the note type. It’s not essential because I can always go back to the card, select, copy, browse, paste, search, but it would save a few steps. Putting it out there to see if anyone else thinks the same.

If this can already be set up like this with an add-on, that would also be cool.

If you haven’t continued reviewing, can’t you just hit esc then b?

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Then I still have to search for the card, so it’s the same steps I mentioned, right? Not really a big deal though.

If you open the browser while reviewing, the current card will already be selected.


OK, great, believe it or not, I had never noticed that it selects the current card if you Browse from the review screen! I will take advantage of that from now on!

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