Hotkey to search all sibling cards in Browser?

I know there used to be one a long time ago, a hotkey to search for all cards that are siblings of the current card as well as the current card itself. This is especially useful, when Browsing the current card from a review, since the siblings are not adjacent in the Browser. Now I don’t see any reference to this hotkey at all.

You could use card:2 in the browser search bar

search for cards by template number - eg, to find the second cloze deletion for a note, you’d use card:2
Searching - Anki Manual

That just brings up card 2 of all the notes, because when I hit B from a card review, it doesn’t put the note id in the search bar. This used to be a keyboard shortcut, but I’d settle for a menu item under Notes. I guess it may have been removed, I’ll look through add-ons to see if anyone else missed it.

Found a way. It is the “window browser select notes” feature in the Customize Keyboard Shortcut add-on.

It actually searches for the note currently selected in the Browser, so in Cards mode, it shows all the cards for that note and nothing else. From memory, that is the way it worked in an ancient version of Anki way except of course there was only Cards mode back then.

By the way, this can sort of be considered Part 2 of the topic below.

So I can hit B and then immediately use my “window browser select notes” hotkey so it shows only the cards I am working on so I can, for example, preview all the cards from the main Browser window, after changing the note type.

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