Browser: 'Toggle Cards/Notes' set to 'Notes' — find all Decks

In the ‘Deck’ column, (2), (3), etc is shown if the Note has cards that are in different decks.

Now, if I want to see which decks those actually are, the only thing I could think of was to assign a (hitherto unused) flag, toggle back to ‘Cards’, and then search for the assigned flag. Now I can see all cards and their respective decks.

Is this the ‘official’ way how this is done?

(Noob question, I know; I’m just wondering what would happen if I didn’t have any free flags available …)

If you toggle modes, precisely the cards of the previously shown notes will be displayed (or vice versa). So in the scenario you’ve described, there is no need to change the search. What’s more, the cards of the previously selected notes will be selected, so you can just select the note(s) you’re interested in before switching modes and don’t have to assign any flag.

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Thanks for replying :wink:

What I mean:

The Browser shows all cards of one particular deck (deck:MyDeck). Some (not all) cards have ‘Siblings’ in other decks (Selective Card Generation).

I want to know: in exactly which decks are these other cards?

In ‘Cards’ mode, you don’t see any other decks, only the searched for deck (deck:MyDeck).

In ‘Notes’ mode, you only see the number of decks, but not WHICH decks …

That does not change when toggling modes.

So I have to pull that ‘flag caper’ … :wink:

When you alter the search, the previously-selected card is still selected. Edit>Select Notes will select all cards of the note.

(Noob question, I know; …)

Looks like the noob’s plea was answered … :smiley:

Thanks very much; Edit → Select Notes does the trick, the toggle switch isn’t even needed.

I wasn’t really aware that the menu commands would provide additional functions in the card browser, especially with Fastbar installed …