Select the next card in the Desk Browser after card deletion

Is there a way to make Anki automatically select the next card in the Deck Browser after deleting the card that is currently being reviewed? Currently, it simply deselects any card. Please check the Gif attached. In the older version of Anki (2.1.43, which I was using until now), after deleting a card while reviewing the current deck, it would automatically select the next card in the Deck Browser.
GIF 17.10.2023 01-39-30

If you delete the card from the browse screen instead of the review screen, it will do that.

Yeah, but in such a case, the card on the review screen will not update until you click on the review screen.

If you’re wanting to preview the currently-selected card in the browse screen, the Preview button is a better way to do that.

Well, this way it kinda solved my problem, thanks!

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