Is there a possibility to see how many cards I haven't seen in a deck?

So I downloaded a deck and want to see how long it is gonna take me to complete it an for that I need to see how many cards I haven’t seen a single time.

The cards you haven’t see yet are those with the state “new”. The related query (to be used in the browser search bar) is is:new. Similarly, if you want to show only cards / notes belonging to a certain deck, use deck:"My Deck" (adapt to the real name). Having both in the query will show the intersection of the two sets, that is, the cards you haven’t seen yet in a certain deck. The name of the window should indicate how many cards that is (something like “Browser (1 of N [notes/cards] selected)” where N is the number of either notes or cards, depending on your browser mode.

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Another way is to click on the deck, then click on Stats at the top.