Shared deck, new card added, but not present in [study now] only in [browse]

My colleague made a deck of 45 cards and shared it with me. I have imported it and adjusted my daily number of viewable cards for that deck to be 500 so I can see all cards.
I added one card, making the deck now 46. That card I have highlighted below at the bottom of the list in the browse view.

However, I am not able to see that card present in my deck in the list if decks I have. Nor is it present in the “study now” space.

Any suggestions for what I can do to make this newly added card a part of the available study deck?

Have you already introduced/started learning one of the 45 cards from your colleague? I see you have 1 card in Learn, and if there are only 46 cards in the deck – it seems likely that’s the other one.

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Yes, you have it! Thank you.

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