Is it possible to unpin the dprint package?

According to this commit message dprint was pinned at 0.35.3 because:

GitHub dropped support for Ubuntu 18 runners, causing dprint’s artifacts
to require a glibc version greater than what Anki CI currently has.

Has the Anki CI been updated in the meantime, so that dprint could be updated to the latest version?

I’m asking, because since release 0.42.5 an aarch64 musl build exists.

I’m afraid not - CI needs to run an older Linux version so that the resulting packaged builds also work on older Linux distros, and newer dprint versions required glibc 2.29 or later. But you could submit a PR to allow overriding it with a system-installed version, like we do for things like NODE_BINARY.

Thank you for the quick response!

That’s a brilliant proposal! Unfortunately, I don’t think, I’ll have the time to look into that. But maybe someone else will?

For now, my solution is to simply patch the package.json. I was just curious, if that patch was upstreamable. Good to know it’s not. :slight_smile:

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