I am currently running Anki 2.1.15-linux-amd64-alternate on CentOS 7 and was looking to update. However, I cannot find an “alternate” version of 2.1.35 that would work on this version of CentOS/RHEL.

Has no such version been released?

I think the alternate Linux build was dropped in 2.1.17.

Are you saying that the last “alternate” version is 2.1.17 or that it was dropped as of that version, ie version 2.1.16 is the last one?

Since I am still on 2.1.15 it might still be worthwhile to upgrade. I have not been able to find the alternate versions on the website like previously. Where can I find the latest one whichever one it might be, to download?

The 2.1.15 alternate build is the last one I can find. See Release 2.1.15 · ankitects/anki · GitHub for downloading.

You can download stable releases from here: Releases · ankitects/anki · GitHub

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You can try Anki Flathub version.