Is it possible to have several Anki versions on Mac?

Dear Anki community,
Question: is it possible to have several Anki versions on Mac?
I have a Windows background, and recently bought a Mac.

On Windows, I managed to have several Anki versions by: (1.) downloading the .exe file, (2.) change the program folder-path (for example C:\Program Files\Anki2138\ instead of C:\Program Files\Anki), (3.) installing and renaming the desktop shortcut (i.e. Anki —> Anki2138).
This allows me to have several releases on one computer. In other words, I can use add-ons that only on certain releases work, simply by “Switch Profile” —> “Downgrade and Quit”, and opening the respective release.

I installed the 21.44 release, renamed it to Anki2144 and it works fine. I did the same with the 21.28, but this one simply doesn’t open itself. Is there a workaround?

Yes, you can have multiple apps on your device, but you will need to downgrade before switching between them. Anki Changes