2 different Anki version on same MacOS?


is it possible to have 2 different Anki Versions at the same time on the computer which syncs to the same profile? My work horse is 2.1.45 with all my fav add ons working great. Upgrading to higher Versions like 2.1.56 break a lot of add ons for me so I always have to downgrade again. Is it possible on MacOS to have 2 different Anki versions? I thought I could save my 2.1.45 in the normal applications folder like it is now and the other one in my Dropbox. Is that possible?

Thanks in advance

Fairly old tutorial to have 2 versions of anki in the same machine: How to Upgrade and Downgrade Anki Version (or use multiple!) - YouTube

might wanna try out version 2.1.54 instead of 2.1.56 for add-on compatibility

the version 2.1.55 was a big update that could have broke a few add-ons while 2.1.56 was aimed to fix and improve 2.1.55 features

2.1.54 was released a few months back (jun-24), most add-ons was updated to work with 2.1.54

if the add-ons aren’t working with 2.1.54 send us a list of the breakage add-ons, some might have been discontinued or was integrated to Anki

Aside from add-ons, it should just work. You don’t even need separate folders - you can just rename the .app after dragging it out of the .dmg file.

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