2 Anki Versions with different Add ons versions/application data?

So I run Anki in 2.1.45 and 2.1.56.
I use 2.1.56 mainly because of Ankihub. I would like to use 2.1.56 as my workhorse, but if I update all the add ons, then 2.1.45 (my workhorse atm) couldn’t use them anymore if I open 2.1.45.

So I my idea was that I have a dropbox in which I want to store the Anki Version 2.1.56. But I want it to be connected to an own application data a.k.a. add ons folder, media etc. so I can run 2.1.45 with all the apps that are compatible now, but at the same time run 2.1.56 and update all the add ons and which add ons may break, so I can change completely to 2.1.56 when all is working. Sure I want to upgrade to the newer versions in the future, but there are some add ons who are not compatible now but I use the a lot and don’t want to miss them.

I’m using MacOs Ventura btw.

How can I realize this intend.

I would really appreciate any help.

You can specify a custom data folder. They’d store separate copies of your collection, so you’d need to sync when switching between them.


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syncing means a forced sync in one direction or normal syncing? because normal syncing happens anyways when I close one Anki version, but I guess you mean a different syncing?

Normal syncing.

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