Anki update wants to create a duplicate Anki App

I was running two anki apps. I used Anki 1.0 for making cards with add-ons that weren’t updated to Anki 2.0. I accidentally updated Anki 1.0 to the newest update. In order to rectify my error, I deleted Anki 1.0 and then tried to update Anki 2.0 but now the updated Anki 2.0 is creating a duplicate anki 2.0 app on my computer. I am stuck with my older version 2.49 and a new 2.56 that I don’t want. I just want to update my 2.49 to the latest update. Any advice? Thanks.

I even went into my library and deleted the Anki 1.0 folder. It still wants to make a new app. Would it be best to just export all my profile collections and then download the updated anki app? I didnt want to have to delete al my add-ons though.

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