Re-update Anki every time I close it out

Every time I close out Anki, the next time I open it is asks me to update it to the latest version even though I have already updated it. Anki has saved all my add ons and decks but every time I open Anki its like it the first time I downloaded it, not sure how to get out of this loop. It also asks if I want to download from Ankiweb or upload to Ankiweb every single time I open the app… very frustrating, is it supposed to ask me this ever time? Thank you!!

It asks you to update to a new scheduler. You do not need to download a new version of Anki, you just need to… click “Update”.

I click the "update " button every single time I open the app and it pops up every time still for some reason.

I just tried it with a new Profile:

  1. I click “Update”
  2. Then I confirm “Yes”
  3. Done

If you click Learn More, you will read:

If you are syncing with AnkiWeb, updating requires a one-way upload to AnkiWeb. Please ensure all of your devices are in sync before you update, as otherwise you may accidentally overwrite changes made on your other devices.

You may be upgrading but then overwriting the upgrade by downloading from Ankiweb.


So should I download from Anki from a different device then? I am uploading with my phone and downloading with my computer.

You should:

  1. Sync all your devices.
  2. On your computer, upgrade to the new scheduler.
  3. Still on your computer, sync choosing “Upload to Ankiweb”.
  4. Sync all your other devices choosing “Download from Ankiweb”.