How to install 2 copies of Anki for testing?

I started using Anki for subs2srs. This creates some massive media syncs. If there’s an error it can be tricky to fix, especially if using multiple devices.

I created a second account for testing. However, signing in and out is a PITA and the syncing takes far too long for that to be workable.

IMHO everyone needs 2 copies of Anki on the desktop. One for regular use and another for testing.

Sorry, forgot to mention it’s Mac OSX!

As long as the database format doesn’t change (which it recently did), you can have different Anki versions installed in different folders locally that will use the same data folder (provided the required database format is the same). They can both sync to a different Ankiweb account the credentials of which are saved. I’m not entirely sure if this is what you asked?

Hi, I made a video guide about How to install multiple Anki versions a while ago. Hope that us useful.

If your goal is to test out actions/content rather than different Anki versions, you can do that by creating separate profiles, and only syncing one of them.