Duplicating Anki on 2 separate computers

Hi, I was wondering if I just copy the “anki” folder in program files and “anki2” folder in AppData and put them there respectively on a new computer without anki installed (Both running windows 10) will it work just like I left off my main computer? (assuming I have all the correct files copied) Will this cause any sync issues ect? Problem with add-ons? Or can I just start using it and it will work just like normal and I can choose what computer to do reps on? Tried searching but only found people trying to move to different profiles or mobile syncing, not computers.

I think you can copy the Anki2 folder in AppData\Roaming without problems. But for Anki files in the program files folder I recommend just doing a normal installation on the new computer instead.
So install Anki from the installer, and copy the Anki2 folder to AppData\Roaming in the new computer.

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