Anki Won't Download Desktop Version Only App Version

On Macbook Pro, Anki forces you to slide the download into Applications, but then whenever you click/open it - all you can see is the barebones “app version.” I need the full scale desktop version because I want to create add ons, which is impossible currently. I tried clearing everything, restarting, then dragging the download straight onto the desktop to open but it still “forces app,” which sucks.

I had this same problem on Windows 10 PC and spent several hours troubleshooting with an IT professional yesterday. I honestly can’t believe the same errors are occurring on Mac, but they are.

By “app version”, perhaps you mean If you are seeing in your browser, it means you’re opening a webpage instead of opening the version of Anki installed on your machine. If that does not explain it, please attach some screenshots demonstrating what you’re seeing.