Is it possible to copy 'load balanced scheduler' into v3 scheduler?

i’m not sure how i would be able to get data on the collection’s future review dates from javascript

i could use pycmd to link to an addon to get the data, but ideally not since i’d want the scheduler to be compatible with ankimobile

The exposed hook is not intended for such use-cases, as it only has access to information about the current card. You can achieve roughly similar results with stock Anki by setting your daily review limit to a desired daily amount, and optionally ordering by increasing interval.


I’m replying here, instead of opening a new thread, because I think it’ pertinent.

I can’t code, so I don’t know if I’m wrong, but the functionality of “Free Weekend” plugin could be implemented:

Card by card, if the next review date falls on a sunday or saturday (or any other day if a way to set this up can be found), then the javascript code simply nudges it 1 or 2 days before or after the original review date.

I would be interested in this.

Since that depends only on the due date and not how many others cards are due, it should be possible to implement in JS.