Is it normal for first time sync to take more than 5 hrs

I am a new anki user and I am so confused rn. I bought the anki app on my phone and have been trying to sync for the last 5 hrs and it is still not complete… am I doing something wrong? Please help me!

It depends on how much media you have and the speed of your connection. 5 hours is fairly long, which makes me think you may be accidentally interrupting the sync by turning off the screen or switching to a different app:

The collection would have to be incredibly media-heavy or the connection incredibly slow for a five hour sync. I don’t think I’ve ever had a sync take more than a minute or two at most.

Some users have multiple gigabytes of media with tens of thousands of files, which is going to take more than a few minutes. After it’s all synced though, subsequent syncs will of course be a lot faster.