iOS 17.2 upgrade seems to have changed behavior of extra on reverse card

I have many basic and reversed cards. Each has an Extra field with a sound recording.

Prior to the iOS 17.2 update, the audio was played only after the card was flipped to reveal sound. Now after the update the audio gets played when the back card is shown, before the card is flipped to reveal the front.

Expectation: when showing a back card (basic and reversed), Anki only plays recording in Extra field after answer is revealed.

Reality: Anki now plays the recording in the Extra field prior to flipping the card.

What do your front and back templates look like? Does the front template also have the Extra field in it?

This will depend on how your card templates are configured. If you’d like to have the sound in the Extra field only played when revealing the answer, please ensure you have {{Extra}} on the back template, and not on the front template.

If what you’re trying to do is show text in the Extra field on the front, but not play audio until revealing the answer, Anki doesn’t have such a feature. To accomplish that, you would need to place the text and audio in separate fields, so you can position them independently.

Thanks for this advice. Do you know of why the behavior changed? I don’t get it. I’ve been using these notes/cards for several years.

It’s frustrating now to have to stop and fix them. I can’t imagine why someone would change such basic functionality. I would downgrade, but that is not a long term fix.

I’m afraid there have been no changes to this behavior - Anki has always performed this way, and an iOS update would have no effect on how templates are handled inside Anki. There is likely some other explanation - perhaps the cards you reviewed in the past had only text or only sound in the Extra field, perhaps autoplay was off because your mute switch was on, etc.

If you wish for the text in Extra to be shown on the question side, and the sound in Extra to be shown on the answer side, you’ll need to duplicate the field, then use Find&Replace to remove the audio. After adding an AnswerAudio field, you can use ChangeNotetype to map the existing Extra field to both Extra and AnswerAudio, so it gets duplicated. Then you can remove the sound tag from the Extra field. How can I remove audio files on front for all cards?

Thanks I will have to pick this back up when I get back home. I’m traveling. As far as I know none of the things you mentioned have changed.

The cards are and always have been a mix. Many have only audio. Many have text and audio. I have not changed them apart from adding a few cards as I learn new things.

I have not changed the card definitions. I have not changed the mute switch position. (It’s always muted).

The only thing I can recall changing myself is the maximum time interval. It’s possible I fat-fingered another setting then. I will look later.

I will comb through the study options and other settings next weekend when I get back home.

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