Back Audio played twice on iOS v.2.0.79

Hello there,

I have one type of note, which contains 3 cards in it. Each card has front and back matter, with audio.
When I review the cards and tap to see the answer, the Back card audio is played twice sometimes. I am not able to trigger the problem, But I experience it 1-2 times when I review 10-15 cards. Sometimes it is even more frequent. At a time it is very annoying.

I had experienced it, in the previous version also.

Can it be solved?


Could you point me to a specific card in your collection that has experienced this issue so I can try to reproduce it? If you could move ~3 of such cards into a separate deck and share it with me privately, that would be even more helpful.

Thanks for your prompt reply.

I haven’t thought that issue might be card specific, not note specific. After seeing your reply, I tried to reproduce the issue by creating a filtered deck of all cards, except card 1. I reviewed almost 50 cards and did not experience the issue. It might be too early for me to judge that issue is only card 1 specific.

Yes, I can share the cards and the issue, which I have screen recorded. I have shared the link of 40 cards Deck backup and Video, in test flight beta feedback.

Hope it will help. Thanks

Thanks, I’ve noted those links down. Before I investigate further, if you could confirm which card type(s) are affected, that would be appreciated.

Thanks for your reply.

I use basic Front and Back card, for audio purpose, not a cloze type of card. And I think the Deck.apkg, which I have shared, will reproduce the error effectively.

Ok, thanks for confirming - I will try to reproduce this and get back to you.

Sorry it’s taken so long to get back to you. This seems to be an issue with your card template, and I see the same behaviour on the computer version as well. The A01 field that contains the audio file is referenced twice on your template - once as {{hint:A01}} and once as {{edit:A01}}. If you remove the hint reference, it should resolve the issue.

Thank you very much.:innocent:
It worked!!