Intervalmodifier and subdecks

I was wondering, If I had a deck structure and interval modifiers(random) like this:
Main (0.90)

  • subdeck 1 (0.75)
  • subdeck 2 (0.50)
  • subdeck 3 (0.50)
    -subdeck3-1 (0.50)

What would the resulting modifier be for each deck? I believe the interval modifiers would not change or affect each other, right?

As far as I know, each subdeck uses its own settings (except the settings under “Display Order”)


Ok, the modifiers are not affected by each other, I assume. If I don’t have any cards in the “Main” deck, can I then theoretically put the modifier to any value, since it doesn’t matter?

Yes, I think so. In any case, why do you really need to set different interval modifiers in the different subdecks?

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I was just thinking about it theoretically. There are certain decks that I have finished and therefore would like to increase my retention rate on them. Recently also changed my deck structure a bit, so one of the head-decks already had a changed interval modifier, which led me to think of this question.