Interval length bug

Hello, so I still have this problem that some of my cards are showing the same interval for each choice (again, hard, good and easy all show an interval of 1 day). And all of them change the interval to one day… If I create a new card it doesn’t seem to affect it. However I think it is ruining my whole kanji deck for some reason… And that hurts because i have been using it for over a year and would not like to lose all of the progress there.
Any ideas what to do?
Btw, using linux mint.

EDIT: Every card now has the same problem. New cards seem to be fine when i am learning them, but just once recalling them does this to them as well

Can you post the info screen of the card with its history? And maybe also your deck options? That might help to figure out the problem. Did you change your deck options recently?

Here they are.

Well maybe I did change the options but nothing significant.
I think it started happening once I installed LaTex… My anki started bugging. I had to install the latest version. It helped with some problems, but this one still occurs. I haven’t used anki much because of this issue since it appeared. But it seems that all the cards I review have this problem, not just the ones with latex.

You have set your maximum interval to 1 day.


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