Instable error in spaced repetition

Anki 2.1.54 windows10 Android 8.0.0


why does the algorithm take me back to the 1-day repetition even though I pressed “easy” on my smartphone?

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Another strange error, produced with desktop without using smartphone
(There should be more than 1 day for “einfach”).

The errors suddenly appear during normal learning.

Maye you set the Maximum Interval to 1 day?
What is the problem with the second screenshot? The inteval after rating Easy is 4 days, as one would expect

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Thank you for replying!

  1. You are right, the maximum Interval was set to 1 day, but … I did not do it!
  2. Look at the menu bar at the bottom, the button shows only 1 day (I put the other window above my question).
  3. New problem::
    Normally the Questions are written and read loudly, but when the above error occurs, it does not read any longer, but still works with written questions.
  4. The errors occur even with new installation and even without addons.

Ah, the standard options seem to be corrupted.

Ah, you were referring to the rating buttons with your second screenshot.

Not sure what could mess up your settings in such a way, but another user had a similar issue:

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