Integration of the Helper add-on stats

I noticed this issue Integrations of Load balance & Easy days · Issue #3116 · ankitects/anki · GitHub and got excited. I think that since LMSherlock and Dae are planning to integrate FSRS Helper add-on features, it makes sense to implement the stats as well. Some of them have already been implemented, such as average stability and average retrievability. But there are three more stats that I would like to see implemented natively: True Retention table, “Estimated total knowledge” and “Knowledge acquisiton rate”.


However, I’m not sure exactly where these stats should be located. They could be put under “Reviews”, but maybe it’s better to have a separate category for FSRS stats?

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Same here :laughing:

That is good enough. But I notice all of those stats have something to do with Knowledge Acquisition in some way. Maybe something that reflects the nature of the data would be more appropriate?

More like all of them have something to do with retention and the probability of recall.

Retention of Information or just Retention. I was trying to fit in “knowledge acquisition rate” but this is decent enough naming IMO. But still Retention fits oddly with “Knowledge Acquisition Rate” as it is a very “meta” information if that’s a good way of putting it. Anyways, naming should be a secondary concern so what’s the use of dabbling too much in it.

I prefer to keep the current naming in the Helper add-on.

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One advantage of natively integrating these stats would be the possibility of using the search features in the new stats page in combination with the FSRS stats.

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I’ve logged this on Integration of the Helper add-on stats · Issue #3147 · ankitects/anki · GitHub

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