Adding FSRS retrievability to AnkiConnect

I would like to modiffy AnkiConnect plugin to include the FSRS retrievability score ( via [0])
Does anyone know where the FSRS retrievability score is calculated?

I know where to change it in the plugin [1], but I don’t know where in Anki-source code it is exactly calculated. All the places I could find were in Rust.
There is an SQL function to calculate it [2], but I am kinda lost on what parameter to pass in [1].

[0] anki-connect#getreviewsofcards
[1] anki-connect/src/branch/master/plugin/

(edit: I would love to add links, but I can’t since this account is new)

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It’s calculated in the Rust backend:

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Thank you, that helps; but not sure at this point how to call that function from the Python part.

On the Python side, you only have access to card.memory_state. Apparently you need to re-implement current_retrievability() and days_since_last_review().

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In the old version of FSRS4Anki Helper add-on, I developed a function to calculate the current retrievability:

I hope it would be helpful.


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