Implementing the Helper add-on's features

@dae I’m basically making this issue to ask about your plans to implement the following features from the Helper add-on:

  1. Advance and Postpone
  2. Load Balancing
  3. Disperse Siblings
  4. Easy Days
  5. Add-on stats from “Stats”

I would like you to provide an estimate of when said features will be implemented natively. If you do not plan to implement a certain feature, please explain why.

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It was discussed a bit last year.

I probably won’t have time to look into other features like postpone/advance until early 2024.

Well, it’s early 2024 right now.

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Before looking into these I first want to get to some typescript/editor changes that have been waiting for longer.

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Btw, I noticed that recently a lot of people have been interested in using Easy Days. Perhaps that should be the first feature (among add-on features) to implement.