Discussion about the next step of FSRS integration


The FSRS4Anki Helper add-on has many useful features:

  • Postpone & Advance
  • Load Balance
  • Free Days
  • Disperse Siblings

And it’s popular, I guess:

@dae, do you have plan to integrate them?


Having “Optimize all FSRS weights” option in the menu would be very handy. I am using multiple decks with different presets and having one click solution will make my life easier.
I would also say, that the current optimal retention calculator is quite limited - while it should be able to get the current state of cards as a simulation starting point.
Any plans to extend this feature?


The next update is tentatively slated for 23.12. An option to optimize all presets at once is likely. I probably won’t have time to look into other features like postpone/advance until early 2024.


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