Installing ANKI from a PPA or a third-party repo possibility for installation on Linux?

How can I install ANKI from PPA method or Ubuntu Software Center where I will just run a command sudo apt update, sudo apt upgrade and get all software updates including ANKI? I want to do this because I do not want to miss on any updates of ANKI. If someone can help me find a solution to this for Linux system, I would thank very much. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Anki will periodically notify you when an update is available. The latest version needs to be dowloaded from the Anki website, but you could script that if you were so inclined.

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I do not know how to script it because only been to Linux recently. Previously used Windows… It is very good to know that Anki will automatically give notifications for updates. But one query I had related to this. When I download program from website directly, it is a folder inside Downloads section. After installing by sudo ./ do we need to keep this folder in downloads or we can delete this folder altogether hoping it will be installed in the system somewhere inside so we can remove the folder because it would be a set up folder right? Or am I wrong in thinking this?

Yesterday I did some stuff like installing it from Ubuntu Software (version .15 but latest on website is .38) and the software did not show me updates though. After this I went to git hub page following the website link and installed it in virtual environment following instruction there. How can I uninstall the virtual environment I created for that along with software. I am asking this because I only want one installation and now I have two. I can delete the version I downloaded from Ubuntu Software but I am not sure if the version .38 (installed in virtual environment) will automatically update itself on sudo apt update and sudo apt upgrade.

You can remove the downloaded and the pyenv folder you created if you wish, they are not needed after an install.

Distros often patch out the version check when they package Anki, since they don’t want you notified until they’ve updated their package.

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I think I must enlist the problems I am facing:

  1. The following link: Anki Beta Builds
    This link tells us how to install and use the latest beta but it does not show how we can undo and uninstall what we installed. The method of completely removal including python environment created and pip installed and others in the process. (Because I wish to follow only one installation and save space on disk and thus eliminate all confusion I have) It also does not show app in the app list. Everytime I have to run the command
    (pyenv) $ pyenv/bin/anki to start ANKI. And as soon as I close the terminal, ANKI also closes. This is why I wish complete removal of this type of installation to follow only mainstream installation method.

  2. After and if I succeed in step 1 following your guidance, I will want only to keep one installation. I request to know from you which would be best for me on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS where I wish to see ANKI in app list along with other apps in my system but at the same time I do not want to keep downloaded folder in downloads and also get automatic updates like you suggested.

Answer to both the above questions would solve all my problems. Thank you. :slight_smile:

You can remove the pyenv folder you created. After running from the packaged version of Anki, you can delete the file you downloaded and the directory you untarred.