Initial sync problems with Anki version 2.0.8

After being a diehard Anki fan for several years which revolutionised my life, unfortunately i had to stop using it when i became a fulltime carer and had no time anymore to do anything else.
Returning to my laptop which runs Mac OS 10.8.5 i have had so many problems with browers and impossibility to update the operating system etc that i had to get an ipad to be able to use the internet at all.
I am now trying to sync my old desktop Anki with Ankiweb for the first time ever.

Whenever i try i get this message:
Syncing failed:
AnkiWeb is too busy at the moment. Please try again in a few minutes.

Since I have now been trying for a few days, I wondered if it is actually an issue of my Anki version or other software being outdated and it will never work.

In that case is it possible to export the decks onto a harddrive and upload them in another way?

Over the years i have 25,000 cards so starting again would be beyond frustrating…

My very grateful thanks in advance to anyone who is able to offer advice

You aren’t able to sync because → Anki 2.0 support has ended - Frequently Asked Questions

Are your decks still on your laptop when you started Anki, if yes, then you could upgrade to the latest version and export, if not → AnkiWeb account removal - Frequently Asked Questions


Newer Anki versions won’t run on 10.8.5, so you’ll need to export a collection.apkg file, then manually transfer it to a new device.

lo Damien,

thank you so much for taking the trouble to reply to me personally

so, as suspected, i can no longer upgrade Anki on my laptop

but is it possible to run Anki on an ipad and export the collection.apkg files there?

i really really appreciated your reply as was somewhat despairing about losing my backup brain but it was a very long time before i had mental capacity to even start to tackle the technical issues

i owe you…

have been singing anki’s praises to everybody who will listen for years….


Thanks for spreading the word :slight_smile:

You can import a collection.apkg file into AnkiMobile: Collection Transfer - AnkiMobile Manual

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