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Help please. Unable sync anki Desktop to Ankiweb

Please help me on this. I am unable to sync my anki desktop to ankiweb. I have attached the error image and how the anki desktop look like on my mac below. Please help me. I am not familiar with technology, please help me. Thank you very much, Sir or Madam. I hope to hear from you soon.
Screen Shot 2021-06-10 at 8.59.16 AM

Screen Shot 2021-06-10 at 9.26.15 AM

hi, thank you very much for your prompt reply. I am not good with technology. So, do I download this new version of anki to my mac and then how do I move my old desks to this new version? Please show me step by step if you could please.

At first, make a backup, just in case.

The easiest way to make a manual backup is to use the File>Export menu item to export all decks with scheduling and media information included, which will save your data to an .apkg/.colpkg file.

Then install Anki 2.1.44 or 2.1.35.

If you have not updated to Anki 2.1.x yet, upgrading is as simple as installing it on your computer.

You can download Anki 2.1 from

2.1.35 was the last release that supports macOS below 10.13:


Thank you very much. I will follow your step in a little bit. Please help me if I have more trouble with this. I will message you here again in the late afternoon today. I am grateful for your help, friend.

If you are interested in installing some add-ons without wasting too much time:

Anki community:

Welcome to Anki 2.1

Hello Kelciour,

Thank you very much for your thorough explanation above. I was able to export and upgraded my anki to the latest version. I was able to sync my cards to the anki web now. I am highly appreciated your help.

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hi NameLessGO,

thank you very much, I was able to save my old decks now. Very grateful for your help!

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