Increasing new review cards to a new options preset

I recently got through a deck of around 960 cards. I want to review about 40-50 cards per day on average but will likely have some days where I can and will want to do more than just 40-50 (say 100 review cards). I wanted to know if I currently made a new preset specifically for that deck to review 40 cards/day and then wake up another day and decide to change the review options (to 100/day) will that reset all my reviews from the deck and restart? Example:

Day 1 I review 40/day and now the deck went from 960 β†’ 920 cards
Day 2 I review 40/day and now the deck went from 920 β†’ 880 cards
Day 3 I change to a new review option and review 100/day, will it go to 880 β†’ 780 or will it reset back to 960 β†’ 860?

Changing the review limits should not reset your reviews. It will only cap the number of due reviews shown to you each day.

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@abdo That’s what I thought, I just wanted to be reassured to make sure I see all my reviews. Thank you!